These Submission Guidelines will help in the process of getting art, fiction, nonfiction, and poetry published. 

Publications will be created for electronic/print as:
  • Ebooks (PDFs) will be available for free on Lulu. 
Third-party Audio-Visual media will be as:  
  • Music and videos will be available on sites like Youtube at no cost, no profit (that means no advertisements or monetization if linked to from the EI Legacy Library). 
All formats will follow the free and not-for-profit motto or be excluded from being linked here.

To submit a piece for publication, please be sure to contact the EI Legacy Library via Private Message on Facebook. Then we can exchange email addresses as necessary.

All art, fiction, nonfiction, and poetry must meet certain guidelines before the EI Legacy Library will publish or link to them. Content must be free of offending materials such as:
  • bad language; cursing;
  • nudity,  
  • violence;
  • racism;
  • overt sexuality; eroticism;
The general rule is that creative pieces must adhere to the PG-13 rating, but full discretion is up to the editor.

If yo have a story, picture, or anything of value to add to the EI Legacy Library, please do contact us  via Private Message on Facebook.

This project is free for everyone to use. It is created and maintained by an Environmental Illness patient, so be understanding. Everything will be done in due time.

Thank you.